What Options Do You Have for T-Shirts Printing?

Printed T-shirts can play an important role in your business marketing strategy. Whether you own a shop, an organization, or an NGO, etc. printed T-shirts help to create a sense of oneness and belongingness.

Now, the purpose of a customized T-shirt is basically to stand out and make a statement. It is like a uniform and a badge of honor that separates your enterprise from others. This is why we at Onestepprinting provide some of the best branding and T-shirt printing solutions for our beloved clients.

Using environmental friendly fabrics, and combining a plethora of designs handpicked by our clients, we turn their brand into reality via our custom shirts. In fact, for your convenience today we’ll discuss the some of the T-shirt printing options you can avail at Onestepprinting.

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By Neck Options

The neckline makes all the difference. For a formal office enterprise, we have custom tees with a polo neck and round neck options. These are ideal for any office employee or school students that base their foundation on propriety.

Let’s take another example, suppose you’re doing a sports marathon, for example, running to make money for a flood donation camp; then running the marathon in a round-neck will lead to poor air circulation and excessive sweating. However, with our customized large neck tees you can easily achieve this endeavor without breaking a sweat.

Apart from this we also provide classic and chic V neck T-shirts which are ideal for a woman’s organization or NGO. These can be blended and designed in any form to give a statement look. You can use your institution's logo, motto, colors, etc. to turn these shirts from ordinary to extraordinary.

T-shirt Type

We understand that no two clients are the same. Some focus on making a statement while some like to stand out fashionably. Thus, to comply with the whims of each client, at Onestepprinting we offer a myriad number of T-shirt styles to pick from. You can opt for the uber chic jersey tees for any sports events like rugby or soccer. These are airy, flamboyant and will get you in the mood to win for your team.

We also have embroidered tees that are the epitome of panache. Apart from this, we offer a dual colored shirt which is attractive and can fit the need of any organization, both informal and formal.

For example, on the dual colored shirt, if you print your company’s slogan, with its unique logo, the result will be fashionable. Not to mention you can customize your company’s color hue and then print the logo on the shirt, for giving it an edge.

Additionally, we also offer piping shirts and Vinyl Cut T-Shirts that are easy to print and offer longevity.

The Type of Services we Offer

Heat Press & Print / Cut Services

In layman’s term, heat press printing includes imprinting your choice of design into a T-shirt with the aid of a heat transfer machine.

This is easy to do, and one of the fastest methods used by us. Also, if you have got a budget and is looking for a quick solution to T-shirt printing, then heat press is convenient.

Direct Printing on Tee Shirt

Direct to garment printing is a procedure where we utilize a specialized inkjet technology to print on the t-shirt directly. Being a digitalized process the result delivered is of high resolution and makes the T-shirts look attractive and sporty.

Apart from these aforementioned styles we also offer these T-shirt printing options:

  • T-Shirt Silk screen printing
  • Full-color Sublimation on T-Shirts
  • Vinyl cut and pressing on T-Shirts
  • Custom designed T-Shirt Printing

Well, there you go, now that you know of the various kinds of services and types of T-shirts we offer, hurry and pick your choice. We offer environmentally friendly material and combine the best techniques to offer you unique custom tees that are sure to turn heads.