Types of Tee-shirt Printing Solutions You can Avail at OneStepPrinting


Do you know what is beautiful? A customized tee shirt with a crisp and concise brand message printed on it!


Blending fun and creativity in tees can be a sure-shot way of branding your business. Customized tees can take you one step ahead of your peers by increasing brand awareness amongst your target audience.


Keeping aside the benefits, you should stay abreast of the types of tee-shirt printing solutions before you avail. At One Step Printing, we use class-leading tee shirt printing solutions to give your clients the finest end products.


Starting from modern to traditional, our in-house experts use state-of-the-art techniques to render exemplary tee shirts redefining every brand. Some of the major techniques are mentioned below:


  1. Screen Printed Tees

Screen printing is a ground-breaking process that has changed the way of printing tee shirts. It is also known as silk screen printing and is ideal for printing the finest quality of tees. This innovative process renders uniqueness to every tee with a spellbinding look.


The trick to get the best result with screen printing is to keep the design simple and chic. Screen-printing may not be an ideal option if you plan to have tee shirts with a complex design including multiple colors.


  1. Heat Press & Print

Tees made with the process of heat pressing & printing tend to last long. If you have a smaller order of tees, this seems to be the most economical option. Heat press and print is the viable way to save both money and time. Moreover, if you have some complex designs with too many color options in your mind, this is the best bet.


  1. Full-color Sublimation

Full dye sublimation is a great option for printing on polyester fabrics. Made with the right amount of art and technology, the finished products are too good to be true. We use a special type of high-quality dye to complete the process of sublimation. Our experts & designers have in-depth knowledge of dye sublimation to deliver superior products.


  1. Vinyl Cut and Pressing

Vinyl cutting & pressing is another type of printing solution available at our company. This process will give you the option to use different layers for printing different colors on a design. With this method, you have the flexibility to incorporate quirky slogans, cute graphics, etc. aligning with your brand’s philosophy. Additionally, if you are planning to get sports tees, stick to this method.


  1. Direct To Garments

The working mechanism of direct to garment process is similar to a paper printer seen at offices, schools, and homes. The ink and colors used in this process don’t create any thick layer on the tees for their perfect level of dilution. Our company uses superior textile printers and quality ink for the DTG process.

With such state-of-the-art techniques, the production of tee shirts even in bulk becomes faster keeping the quality intact. Our USP is that we offer full customization to our customers. So, you can brainstorm to ideate the most quirky designs for your brand.


That being said, you can get the following designs of tees:


  1. V-neck tees
  2. Polo T-shirts
  3. Round neck tees
  4. Large neck tees


Given so many solutions and options, providing custom-made tee to your customers, prospects, and even employees can drive your business goals in the truest sense. To know more about this aspect, do not hesitate to contact us!